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Library Collections on 3rd Floor: Anatomical Models

Models Collection

Looking for skeletons in the library? 

They are located on the 3rd floor of the library! Browse the collection or ask for help at the Periodicals/Media Desk.

We have a wide range of full and disarticulated skeletons, anatomical models, realia, and disease/condition specific body parts for checkout.  Some of the skeletons and models collection can only be used by checking them out from the Periodicals/Media Desk on the 3rd floor with a student ID. 

I ain't afraid of no . . . bones . . .

Want to know what models we have in the library? Here's an easy way to search the library catalog for brains, skeletons, or other anatomical models in the collection. Database

Need more resources for studying human anatomy? 

Anatomical Charts

Anatomical Pictures/Charts are on stands on the 3rd floor of the library adjacent to the Models Collection.  The pictures/charts can be checked out or used in the library.