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Mobile Research: Research Apps

Information about various mobile versions of research & citation tools, including downloadable apps.

Research Apps and Subscription Content

Things to remember

Many research apps will point you to subscription content from databases or journals. 

If you are using your device via the University's wireless network, you can access the content from the library's subscriptions.

Some apps are designed so that you can access content from the library's subscriptions even when you are off-campus.  Check the directions and notes included with the app.

Can't find an Android or iPad app for your device?

Sometimes there may be an app, but it is for the wrong type of device (i.e. you have an android device but there's only an app available for iPads).  You can check and see if there's an unofficial, or perhaps semi-sanctioned version for your device.

This is a selected list of "unofficial apps."

What is an App?

An app is a software application that is written for a particular type of device--the two main types are Apple (iPhones & iPads) and Android (Google & other devices).  They are not interchangeable.  You must purchase, download, and install them from iTunes or Google Play, they are not always free.

*Note: In addition, some apps are created specifically for tablets, and others are for use on phones only.

Selected Research Apps

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