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University History: MassComm classes (Spring 2017)


Contact Information

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University Archives

Alkek Library, Room 580


Research by appointment

Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm


The University Archives is located on the 5th floor of the Alkek Library.  Research appointments are generally available Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm (excluding holidays and energy conservation days).


Research appointments are encouraged to allow time for retrieval of offsite materials and to reserve research space.  Walk-in assistance is dependent on staff and space availability, as researchers with appointments are given priority.


For questions or assistance, please Ask an Archivist.


Historical resources and information

For this assignment, students may wish to access historical issues of the Star.  As there are only one set of bound issues (limited years available) and one set of microfilm (all years available), students are encouraged to begin their research in a timely manner to ensure the greatest availability of resources.  In other words -- do not procrastinate.  Students who wait until the last minute to work on this assignment may not be able to access the newspapers.  


There are three ways to access historical issues of the Normal Star / College Star / University Star

1.  Older issues of the Star are available online. 


2. Some originals are located in the University Archives (available for research by appointment)

  • Bound issues of the College Star, 1937-1967
  • Bound issues of the University Star, calendar years 1988 and 1989

To view these issues, please e-mail to request a research appointment. 
The pages are too fragile for photocopies; researchers may bring a camera to take photos of articles.


3. Microfilm on the 3rd floor of the Alkek Library (available during library hours)

  • Normal Star, 1911-1923
  • College Star, 1923-1969
  • University Star, 1970-about a year ago depending on filming schedule

All title of the Star are shelved together in chronological order in microfilm cabinets.  The new digital microfilm reader makes it easy to save copies as PDF files.

Note: The Star has been published irregularly and there are many gaps in our holdings, so specific dates may not exist in our collection.


Other Historical Resources

Additional Resources

These two guides will  help you understand how to access newspapers on microfilm here in the Alkek Library.