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University History: 4. Events


Questions to Answer

  • What happened?  What does this photograph document?
  • Where did this event happen?  Or where on campus would this content likely be pinned?  (We need to pin this to a map!)
  • When did this event happen?
  • Who is in the photograph?
  • Why is this event important?
  • How did this event impact Texas State then?
  • How does this event impact Texas State now?


Historical Events

LBJ & Flowers - Coronary Club

May commencment 1961

Signing Higher Education Act 1965

Higher Education Act - signing moved because of rain

1972 Homecoming

1971 LBJ at San Marcos exhibit

Soapbox Derby

First African-American women to enroll

2003 Special Olympics

Falls Hall Decommissioning

San Marcos 10

1971 Snowballs

1968 Snowball fight

1995 LBJSH groundbreaking


Additional resources include (but are not limited to):

This group of photographs was selected by the University Archives to represent historical events.  For this assignment, you must select from the images provided above in the slide show.  To copy an image, right-click and select "Save Image As..."

Other Resources for LBJ Research