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Women's Studies: Websites

Research Guide for the study of women in history and society

Women's Studies Websites

National Women's Studies Association: Established in 1977, NWSA is a professional organization dedicated to leading the field of women's studies and gender studies, as well as its teaching, learning, research, and service wherever they be found.

Women and Gender Studies Websites: The purpose of WSSLINKS is to provide access to a wide range of resources in support of Women's Studies.

Feminism and Women's Studies: The Feminism and Women's Studies site, one of 44 websites hosted by the EServer, was first designed in 1993 by members of the Carnegie Mellon University Women's Center.

Discovering American Women's History Online: Provides access to digital collections of primary sources (photos, letters, diaries, artifacts, etc.) that document the history of women in the United States. These diverse collections range from Ancestral Pueblo pottery to interviews with women engineers from the 1970s.

Data/Statistics: POPLINE® (1970 to present), (POPulation information onLINE) contains citations with abstracts to scientific articles, reports, books, and unpublished reports in the field of population, family planning, and related health issues.

Feminist Majority Foundation Online: A cutting edge organization dedicated to women's equality, reproductive health, and non-violence. In all spheres, FMF utilizes research and action to empower women economically, socially, and politically. The organization believes that feminists - both women and men, girls and boys - are the majority, but this majority must be empowered

Feminist Campus: Works with students on college campuses to affect change at the grassroots, national, and global levels.

Living the Legacy: The Women's Rights Movement, 1848 - 1998, as sponsored by the National Women's History Project - and endorsed by National and State Organizations .

Conversations with History, Women's Rights: This site contains transcripts, video interviews and bibliographies of men and women talking about their lives, their views and their work.

National Organization for Women: NOW is devoted to furthering women's rights through education, it is the largest women's rights organization in the U.S.

National Women's History Project: A frequently updated site, recognizing and celebrating women's accomplishments.

International Women's Rights Action Watch: Promotes recognition of women’s human rights under the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (the CEDAW Convention), a basic international human rights treaty.

American Association of University Women: AAUW is a national organization that promotes education and equity for all women and girls.

U.S. Women Connect: Network of women's organizations and NGOs developed after the 1995 UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, its mission is to connect American women and girls "working for rights and empowerment, and to link them with other activists and advocated around the globe." A searchable directory containing links to an extensive list of sites addressing subjects relevant to women, such as civil liberties, child rearing , business, diversity, education, health and advocacy.

Story Circle Network: The Story Circle Network is a national not-for-profit membership organization made up of women who want to explore their lives and their souls by exploring their personal stories.

Laws: Here at we are extremely dedicated to stop crime and award heroes. is a firm believer in providing the public with a free flow of information, especially, in the area of crime prevention. 

Feminism Resources: There are an incredible amount of organizations and resources dedicated women and women's issues. From helping women business owners to protecting women who have been victims of assault, there are many places women can go to get educated.