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Speeches and Rhetorical Criticism: Finding Articles

Research guide for the study of speeches and rhetorical criticism

Periodical List

Periodical List is the search page to use when you need to know if the library has print and/or online access to a journal.  If the Library does not have print/online access to a journal you need an article from, request a copy of the article via Interlibrary Loan/ILL.

The example below shows that Social Work in Health Care is accessible in print/microform as well as online.  The entry also shows coverage dates to indicate which years are accessible.

Not every journal is available in both Print/Microform as well as Online

Is it Refereed/Peer-Reviewed?

To find out if a journal is considered Refereed/Peer-Reviewed, check the Ulrich's database by doing a search for the title of the journal.  In case Ulrich's does not list a journal, another database that can also help with this is Serials Directory.  Many, but not all, of the research databases accessible from the Library allow searches to be limited to articles published in peer-reviewed journals. If a database only has a "Scholarly" limiter/filter, keep in mind that refereed/peer-reviewed journals are a subset of scholarly journals, in other words not all scholarly journals are refereed/peer-reviewed.

To view a tutorial on what makes a journal scholarly, please see this tutorial from Rutgers University.

Citation Finder

 linksource  Look for the full text of a specific article for which you have the citation:

Journal Title


Citation Information
Volume Issue First Page