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Faculty Toolkit: Globalization: U.S. Government Information Resources

Infusing global perspective in the curriculum, 2013 faculty workshop

Find out more about our Government Information Collection

Learn more about the Government Information collection and contact the staff with questions by exploring the Government Information Research Guide



Finding U.S. Documments

Any research on globalization topics should include exploration of  federal documents.  Texas State University is a selective depository for U.S. Government documents and information.  This means we have access to a wealth of information produced by the government in both print and electorninc form.  Increasingly, these documents will appear in the online catalog but, be aware that many documents in the collection are NOT found in the catalog.  The best place to start your research is at the Government Information Desk on the 4th floor in consultation with one of our staff. 

You may also search the Catalog of of Government Publications database as a starting point for your research.  Here you will find links to many documents in electronic format, as well as references to print matierals dating back to 1976. 

A search in the online catalog on the term Global* and a limitation of location in U.S. Government Information collection revealed many interesting sources, here are a few-