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Foreign Countries: Databases

Search Tips

Search by keywords and small phrases.

Maximize your keyword searches with Boolean searching. 

  • AND
  • OR
  • NOT

Use "quotation marks" to search for whole phrases. 

Use the database’s built in limiting features. Some databases have a filter for full-text or scholarly journals. 

Consider truncation. The symbol used is usually *.

COUNTR* will retrieve: 
country, countries

Try using the database’s subject terms. Those are listed in the database’s thesaurus, or they may be listed near the article abstract.

Core Databases

Area Studies Video Online

A growing collection that covers Middle Eastern studies, Latin American, African, Eastern European, Asian, and other global communities. The collection includes films focused on cultural, political, and socioeconomic issues and provides an interdisciplinary resource for every region of the world. Streaming video from top producers like BBC, PBS, A&E, and Filmakers Library.

Columbia Gazetteer of the World

Contains over 170,000 articles or entries on all types of places throughout the world; both physical places and political entities. Most articles have details on where the place is located, its dimensions and borders, and information on economic activities, demographics, history, and former or alternate names and different spellings and pronunciations.

Columbia International Affairs Online

Theory & research in international affairs. Basic country information.


Country overviews of political conditions, foreign relations, history, human rights, economic overview, status of women, foreign investment climate, government structure, principal govt. officials, freedom rankings, defense forces, rule of law, control of corruption, trends, energy consumption, environmental data, energy profile, etiquette, & cuisine. Five-year macroeconomic forecasts & 20-year forecasts of energy demand, supply, and pricing.


Country information. Includes: Land and Climate, History, Population, Language, Religion, Customs and Courtesies, Lifestyle, Government, Economy, Education, Health, Transportation and Communications.

eHRAF World Cultures

Cross-cultural database containing descriptive information on cultures and ethnic groups from around the world. eHRAF has a unique culture and subject classification system that extends search capability well beyond keyword searching, allowing for precise culture and subject retrieval.

Global economic forecasting and Country Commerce reports on operating conditions and commercial laws in over 60 countries. Additional political information included in Country Reports & Profiles for Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.

Ethnographic Video Online

Growing collection of films and documentaries on the study of human culture and behavior. Streaming video from top producers like BBC, PBS, A&E, and Filmakers Library.

Eyewitness Travel Guides

Titles include: Argentina, Barcelona & Catalonia, Beijing & Shanghai, Boston, Brazil, Brittany, Brussels: Bruges, Ghent & Antwerp, Cracow, Croatia, Cruise Guide to Europe & The Mediterranean, Cuba, Egypt, Florence & Tuscany, India, Loire Valley, San Francisco & Northern California, Seville & Andalusia, Spain, Vienna, Vietnam and Angkor Wat, Washington D.C.

Statistics measuring productivity and global flows of trade and investment in countries around the world. Analyse and compare data to predict future trends. Browse statistics by country or by topic.

Public Affairs Information Service/PAIS

The Archive provides historical perspective on many of the 20th century's public and social policies and the International provides social science coverage, with emphasis on contemporary public issues and the making and evaluating of public policy. Encompasses business, economic and social conditions, public policy, administration, and international relations.

Google Scholar Search

Citation Management

Refworks is a citation management tool that enables you to:     

  • Organize your research Include citations while you write your paper
  • Build a bibliography in a variety of formats
  • Import references from library databases and Google Scholar.

Workshops are also available