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Library Catalog: Keyword

This guide will explain how to use the Library Catalog to search for various types of material available from the Library searching by keyword, subject, author, etc.

Keyword Search

The Library Catalog defaults to a Keyword search, which should work for most types of searches. 

Broad searches like the "alcohol abuse" search below can be focused by inserting AND followed by an idea that will limit the search, like: "alcohol abuse" AND college                                                                                                                                  

  • Want to change the type of search?  Use the dropdown menu on the left.
  • Want to limit your search to a specific type of material, like a DVD or an e-book?  Use the dropdown menu on the right.

Finding a Book in the Library

Once you find a title you'd like to track down, three key pieces of information to note are Location, Call Number, and Status