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Refworks@Txstate: Getting Started

Need Help?

Libarians are here to help you make the best use of RefWorks!

Use the box at the right to contact us.  Chat during hours when the reference desk is staffed or click on the image to send us an e-mail or set up an appointment to visit one-on-one with a librarian about RefWorks.

More Ways to Learn About Refworks

There are several ways to learn more about Refworks.-

1.  See the "Learn Refworks in 20 Minutes" video on this page.

This video does a great job of explaining Refworks quickly and easily. 

2. Library staff offers drop-in workshops on Refworks each semester.  Visit the Refworks link from the library homepage for login information, workshop registration, and more links to tutorials

3. Refworks Inc.has their own YouTube channel with brief videos on both basic and advanced features of the program.  MANY of these videos are featured in the appropriate sections of this guide, see the tabs above.   

4.  Refworks Inc. also offers  several webinars on many different topics each month.  These are then recorded and available at their website for later use. 

Where's Refworks and How do I get Started?

Signing Up

Creating a RefWorks account is quick, easy, and free for Texas State  students, faculty, and staff. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Refowrks Login link from the library home page
  2. Click "Sign up for a New Account." link near the top of the gray box
  3. Complete the form by providing your name, email address and by choosing a login and password. Click "Create Account'
  4. Save the Group Code from your email confirmation, you will need this to login off campus

Accessing Your RefWorks Account

  1. Go to Login to your RefWorks account
  2. Enter your RefWorks login name and password.
  3. Click the "Login" button

Getting Started

Videos To Help You Learn RefWorks

  • RefWorks Advanced Videos - Covers editing multiple references, backing up and restoring your account, advanced search and more!

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