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Joseph Laycock's Philosophy & Religion classes: Library Guide: Internet Searching

This research guide is intended for Joseph Laycock's Philosophy & Religion classes

Suggested Internet Searches

  • Google Scholar
    A useful tool when collecting research information. Accessing Google Scholar from the Library Databases page will link to the subscription sources available to you as a Texas State student. If you do not use the library link for off-campus access, you will not be able to access library-subscribed content. If you are off-campus and use the library link, you will be prompted for your Texas State NetID to search Google Scholar.
  • Google Advanced Search
    Use Google Advanced Search to limit and filter your internet search results.
    Official information from the U.S. government. A treasure of online information - including scientific and technical reports!

Using Google's Magic Tricks

Did you know that you can use Google to find information from Government, Educational and Organizational web sites?

Simply add the following to your search terms:

  • site:gov
  • site:edu
  • site:org

Example: How to volunteer for environment site:org

Evaluating Web Pages