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AGED 5330 Wakefield: Finding Articles

Broad Searching

Start Your Research (EBSCO)  

Good place to start BUT does not search all of the databases.  

Includes the library catalog. 

Use the filters to narrow your search.

Google Scholar  

Link library subscriptions on the  "Settings" page.

Link Google Scholar to Library Subscriptions

May need to set up if off campus:

Proximity Operators

EBSCO Databases

Near Operator  - N#

N5 returns results if terms are within five words of one another regardless of the order in which they appear.

(baseball or basketball) N5 (teams or players)

Within Operator  - W#

W5 returns results if terms are within five words of one another and in the order in which you entered them

oil W5 (disaster OR clean-up OR contamination)

Web of Science    Near/#

(baseball or basketball) NEAR/5 (teams or players)


For other databases - search the "Help" index for "proximity operators"

Suggested Research Databases

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Search Tips

  • Use "quotation marks" to search for phrases -   "controlled burn"
  • Connect keywords or phrases using:

AND:          wildflowers AND seeds

OR:         "controlled burn" OR "prescribed fire"

NOT:        mexico NOT "new mexico"

More on Boolean searching

  • Use limiting features eg. 'full-text' or 'scholarly journals'. 
  • Consider truncation. The symbol used is usually *.

AGRICULTUR* retrieves agriculture, agricultural

  • Use subject terms listed in the database’s thesaurus or underneath the abstract.