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Citation Management Tools: RefWorks


In a world of e-research, there are more data sources available than ever, which means researchers need highly efficient ways to manage vast amounts of information easily. RefWorks is a powerful online research management, writing and collaboration tool designed to help researchers at all levels easily gather, organize, store and share all types of information and to instantly generate citations and bibliographies.

Keep up with RefWorks

Legacy RefWorks Help

Migrating to New RefWorks
  • Back up your RefWorks library prior to migration.
    • In the current (legacy) version of RefWorks choose > Tools > choose Backup & Restore. It should save as an RWB file.
  • Migrate to the New RefWorks > Find a link to move to the new version at the top of the current RefWorks homepage, right above where the RefWorks logo is.
  • On the landing page of the new RefWorks choose the login option and login using your same RefWorks username and password
  • Import your library instructions:
    • Choose the + and import references
    • The library has turned on the option to allow you to import from RefWorks. Choose that option, or you can upload the backup file.

Update RefWorks Tools: (write n cite, refgrab, etc.)

Legacy RefWorks Help 

Legacy RefWorks Login