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Collection Development Guide: Curriculum & Instruction: Collection Development Information

This guide provides collection development information to C&I faculty and faculty representatives.

Ordering Material

  Fiscal Year   — 2015
       Librarian Liaison   —   Arlene Salazar
  Faculty Representative   —  Dr. Priscilla Crawford

The allocation amount as of 06/15/15 = $0. Target Dates: One quarter of department allocation must be spent by each of the following dates:

  1. 10/31/2014 — $71,121
  2. 02/15/2015 — $42,414
  3. 04/15/2015 — $21,457
  4. 06/30/2015 — $0

Check the Library Catalog before submitting an order
Form for submitting an order request
Form to submit feedback or suggestions about collection
Review what has been ordered in the current fiscal year (FY15) for your department/45.