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EDP 1350: Hodges: Home

This is a course guide for Educational Psychology (EDP) 1350, Effective Learning, taught by Prof. Russ Hodges.

Where to Search

Use Research Databases to find articles on your topic.


There are many Multi-Subject Databases.

Many of the articles contain full-text, meaning that the actual article is available in the database.  

Databases contain proprietary content from a variety of scholarly journals, conference proceedings, books, dissertations, and more.

Some databases contain content from only one publisher, such as Elsevier or Wiley, while others have content, or index articles, from a variety of publishers.


You can print out these handouts, or just print this whole guide!

Types of Periodicals

Scholarly journals Popular magazines
Authors Articles are written by authorities in the field Articles are usually written by professional writers or journalists
Sources Authors cite their sources in endnotes, footnotes, or bibliographies There are rarely bibliographies
Audience Aimed at scholarly readers (researchers, professors, or students) Aimed at general population
Publisher Often published by academic or association presses Published by commercial (for profit) presses
Advertisements Contains few to no advertisements Contain numerous advertisements
Peer-review? Most articles are reviewed by an author’s peers before publication to ensure high quality Rare
Article scope Journals usually have a narrow subject focus, and articles often include original research, reviews, or essays Used to inform, update, or introduce a topic to a general reader
Graphics Illustrations often consist of charts or graphs Numerous colorful illustrations and/or photographs are usually present
Language Articles use jargon of the discipline Language is geared to general population; no special knowledge is required
Examples American Journal of Botany, The Academy of Management Journal, Social Research Runner's World, Ebony, Time

Ask a Librarian & Research Help

You can use the Ask a Librarian
service for questions about library resources, research assignments or other information. We offer Chat, Text,
or you can also email a question to us. Turn around for email is quick, usually w/in a few hours or by the next day if sent in after 9pm.

You can also make an online or face to face appointment with a reference librarian.  Here's more information about  individual research consultations.

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