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Collection Development Guide: Physics: Allocation

Allocation & Ordering Information

Physics Collection Development Information FY 2016

Librarian Liaison: Jessica McClean                  

Faculty Representative: Dr. Dave Donnelly

Total Allocation amount: 

 The estimated cost of the department’s subscriptions is  

The amount available for new orders is  This amount may be used to order  books, audiovisual material, new subscriptions, databases, etc. 

Target Dates: One quarter of department allocation will be spent by each of the following dates.  

  1. 11/15/2015 — $0
  2. 03/15/2016 — $0
  3. 06/15/2016 — $0

Form for submitting an order request to your subject librarian  for approval

Form to submit feedback or suggestions about collection

Review what has been ordered in the current fiscal year (FY14) & (FY15) for your department/64.