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PHIL 1305 Resources Guide: Home


You can print out these handouts, or just print this whole guide!

Ask a Librarian & Research Help

Use the Ask a Librarian service for questions about library resources, research assignments or other information. We offer chat and text, or you can also email a question to us.

You may also make an online or face-to-face appointment with a reference librarian. Here's more information about individual research consultations.

Using This Guide

This guide provides information and resources that will help you find, evaluate, and cite sources for your academic research. Navigate between pages using the colored tabs above. Below is a brief description of what information you can find on each of the tabs in this guide.

Start Your Research

Start Your Research is a tool that will search the library catalog and selected databases, all at the same time. On this page, you'll find more information about using the Start Your Research tool and what kind of sources it can help you find, as well as tips for improving your search and getting more useful results.

Evaluating information

This page reproduces the "Checklist for Evaluating Information Found on the Internet" from your Fundamentals of Human Communication guidebook. It also contains a video that explains a little more about determining the credibility of Internet sources.

Databases & Articles

This page contains information about how to search for published journal articles, as well as other sources contained in databases. You can also find several in-depth lists of suggested databases, including core resources in Communication Studies and other resources to support your presentations.

Finding books

This page contains information on how to search for books and other materials in the library catalog. You can also learn more about how to use Interlibrary Loan to find materials the library doesn't own. Finally, check out the handy feed showing the newest Communication Studies materials added to the library collection.

Citing sources in APA Style

This page contains links to websites that will help you correctly format your citations in APA style. It also has some information about using a citation manager, such as Refworks. Finally, you can find a variety of options for getting more citation and writing help on campus.