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RDG 1300: Castillo: Home

This guide was created for Amarilis Castillo's RDG 1300 class


You'll find information about how to find books, search for articles, and about the many services Alkek has to offer you.  Alkek Librarians are available to help you via Ask-A-Librarian.

Alkek Ask A Librarian


The library session will provide you with the resources and services necessary to find information and facts for your argumentative paper.

  • Gather information to support your argument
  • Gather information to support opposing argument
  • Evidence from reliable sources show you are a trustworthy author: See Video

Do research on and take a position on one of the following concepts:

  • what it means to be brain dead and the ethics surrounding care and life support for those who are brain dead
  • population modeling and the spread of infectious diseases
  • social orders, structures, and theories in the face of cataclysmic events (for example, the class system, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, etc.)

As you research this topic and consider your position, adopt a scientific approach and ask yourself questions such as the following:

  • What data supports this concept or theory?
  • What other theories is this concept related to?
  • How does this phenomenon work? What is the scientific process involved?
  • Why does this phenomenon occur?
  • What can we learn from it?

You will use at least three sources for your paper:

  1. Examples from Frankenstein or The Walking Dead (the comic book or the television show) to support your position. Imagine each as a critical thinking exercise in "what could happen".
  2. Two scholarly/academic journal articles coming from peer reviewed sources (limited to the last 5-10 years) from at least two competing or complementary research articles (about brain death, population modeling and the spread of infectious disease, or social orders and structures) The research articles and video don’t have to refer to Frankenstein or The Walking Dead.
  3. One Ted Talk video dealing with your topic. The articles and video should be based in the hard sciences or psychology.
  • You will use this time in class to find at least two journal articles.
  • The librarian will talk about using Texas State’s databases to search for sources and how to specify what you want.
  • The librarian will also show you how to find the citations within the database.
    • Your instructor requires that you format your Works Cited/Bibliography in APA writing style and save documents in your U-Drive.