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Roadmap to Research: Home

This guide will help you get ready for research, and introduces you to the how-tos of conducting research.

Rest Stop

What is the hardest part about research for you?

Rest Stop
Deciding on a topic: 22 votes (36.07%)
Finding credible sources: 10 votes (16.39%)
Writing a rough draft or outline: 9 votes (14.75%)
Writing the actual paper/project: 9 votes (14.75%)
Citing sources: 11 votes (18.03%)
Total Votes: 61

Just Announced!

This tutorial has been accepted into the Association of College & Research Libraries Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online (PRIMO) project and database.

Welcome to Roadmap to Research


This tutorial is intended to rev up your research skills and assist you in every step of your research paper or project.  Drive through the information highway by following the "Hwy” tabs along the top.  You can also taking a short cut by clicking on an individual tab that is relevant to your interest. 

After completing the modules above you will be able to:

  • Identify types of information resources and their value
  • Identify potential resources for your research focus
  • Learn how to access appropriate databases, journals and other search systems on the library's website
  • Learn tips and tricks to improve your search results
  • Evaluate sources and websites
  • Understand how to give credit to your sources and avoid plagiarism

Happy Researching!

Driver's Ed.- Orientation to Library Website

Click this image to go to a "Driver's Ed." tutorial.