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ENG 1320 College Writing II: Help

Start Here: How-to Conduct Academic Research for English 1320 Assignments

Your University Libraries are:

  1. Support for your coursework (like high school libraries), but they also support research, yours and your professor's. 
  2. Academic libraries like Alkek Library are open later and on weekends. Why? To help you focus on your academic work, rest and recharge, and collaborate with your classmates and friends.
    • Pro Tip: Check the Library website for the most up-to-date hours, i.e., emergency closures and similar.  
  3. Connect you with technology like Computer labs, Printing, Equipment for Check-Out, Workshops, and events to help you learn new technology and tech support---ITAC (IT Assistance Center).
  4. Do the hard work of finding quality academic information for you. Avoid stress finding the good stuff;  scholarly journals, patents, scientific data; the Library's got it! Both in print and online.
  5. Can help in person by visiting the Ask Us Desk on Alkek Library's second-floor lobby and online via online chat, email, text, or by appointment

University Writing Center Services & Tools

Are you anxious about your essay or new to citations? Book an appointment with a Writing Center Consultant! *Note: After two missed appointments, the scheduling system will block future appointments—more resources for students, such as citation guides and best practices in academic writing available online. 

Checklist for Avoiding Plagiarism

Are you using:

   Your own independent material
Common knowledge
Someone else's own independent materia

You must acknowledge someone else's material.


Do all quotations exactly match their sources? Check!
Have you inserted quotation marks around quotations that are run into your text?
Have you shown omissions with ellipsis marks and additions with brackets?
Does every quotation have a source citation?

Paraphrases and Summaries:

Have you used your own words and sentence structures for every paraphrase and summary? If not, use quotation 
marks around the original author’s words.

Does every paraphrase and summary have a source citation?

The Web:

Have you obtained any necessary permission to use someone else’s material on your Web site?

Source Citations:

Have you acknowledged every use of someone else’s material in the
place where you use it?
Does your list of works cited include all the sources you have used?

Checklist content borrowed from: Fowler, Ramsey H. and Jane I. Aaron. The Little, Brown Handbook. New York:
Pearson Education, Inc., 2004.

Self-Enroll: First Year Research Foundation (Canvas Course, 45 min)

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