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Choose Your Own Library Adventure:
Gamifying Library Instruction and Training

Tricia Boucher (User Experience Librarian), Lorin Flores (Undergraduate Librarian) and Megan Ballengee (Head CMES Library Assistant IV) @ Texas State University

Join us for a hands-on gamification workshop where you’ll learn how to make a game by playing one. Why gamify library instruction? Games are inherently educational tools that offer learning opportunities on multiple levels for a variety of learning styles. In this workshop, learn how library staff at Texas State University transformed library orientation, instruction and student worker training sessions into games and most importantly, how to create your own game! Bring your own device or play on paper, and share in small groups how to use gamification for different settings and purposes.

Participants will:

  • get comfortable experimenting with game formats to find one that best meets your needs (learning objectives, time constraints, etc.).
  • be able to construct a rough gamified learning experience for testing on gullible friends, family, colleagues, or students.
  • be able to evaluate their game based on results, student engagement, and/or feedback.

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