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How Can the University Libraries Help?

The Texas State University Libraries offer two locations, Alkek Library on the Main campus and RRC Library at Round Rock Center. Each location offers staff and librarians who are available to provide assistance with any library resource and service. Alkek Library has staff dedicated to undergraduate students who may be novice researchers and new to the library. We also offer advanced or subject-specific research assistance by Subject Librarians.

This guide curates many resources and services that will figure into your studies at Texas State. If you still have questions about something you need, please reach out to us via Ask Us!.


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What is First Gen?

A first-generation student is someone whose parents/guardians did not complete a four-year college degree or a student raised by a single parent/guardian who did not complete a four-year college degree. (TXST FirstGen Proud)

The term “first-generation” may seem to be the newest buzzword in higher education, yet, it has been actively used for decades. However, shifting populations entering higher education, continual increases in first-generation college student enrollment, debate surrounding rising tuition and costs, and genuine desires for a rise in graduation rates and a better prepared workforce has positioned the experiences of first-generation college students as a renewed focus across postsecondary education. (NASPA)