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PSY 3402: Experimental and Research Methods - McKelvain: 3. Going Deeper

Specifically for Dr. McKelvain's PSY 3402 classes.

Background Information

Step 3: Going Deeper

Here's where you learn more about your main ideas - those things that might become your dependent and independent variables. 

  • Search for more information about the main ideas in your Big Picture readings individually using reference materials (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.).  Remember: if you can't find information on your exact terms, search what the terms are about. 
  • Be sure to stay on the lookout for other useful terms/keywords for searching!

See the example below right.  Below left are links to psychology reference materials - and below that, hints for how to find more keywords.  Other places to look: see the professional websites below the examples. 

Note: getting weird results? Try using quotes around the search phrase...or remove them!  Depending on where you choose to search, quotes around a search phrase may or may not be helpful. 

Going Deeper: Example



Psychology Websites