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CI 5313_CI 5314 Human Growth and Development: Search Techniques

This guide was created for Dr. Langerock's classes CI 5313 and CI 5314.

Select a Database

Watch the video or review the guide to learn how to access a subject database on the library homepage.

The video covers the following topic:

How to access a subject database.

Keyword Searching

You will retrieve better search results in most databases with keyword searching and other database search commands. 

Watch the video or review the guides below to learn more about these techniques.

The video covers the following topics:

How to conduct a keyword search.

How to use search commands AND, OR, and NOT, Phrase Searching, and Truncation.



If you need articles that discuss a research study try adding the following keywords into your search string:

  • Survey
  • Research
  • Study
  • Method
  • Experiment