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What are Peer Reviewed Articles?

Scholarly/academic journals selectively  publish the works of scholars, researchers, and experts.

Most scholarly journals, but not all, have peer reviewed articles. Peer-reviewed articles are also called refereed. Those terms mean the same thing and are interchangeable.e.

For articles to be considered peer reviewed/refereed, they must go through a rigorous review process by the authors' peers, who are experts in their fields.

Peer Review Video by North Carolina State University (NCSU) Libraries

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Search by either keyword, title or author and check the box for Peer Reviewed.

Check the box for Full Text if you'd like to find entire articles available to read online.

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Ulrichsweb: Identify Peer Reviewed Journals

Already found an article in a journal and wondering if the journal is peer reviewed/refereed?

Search for the title in Ulrichsweb, a database that identifies which journals are peer reviewed/refereed.

The title will have this icon, , that looks like a referee's jersey next to it if the journal is peer reviewed/refereed.