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University History: HIST 5361 (Spring 2020)



This page contains resources for Dr. Shannon Duffy's Historiography & Historical Methods (HIST 5361) Spring 2020 class. 

The class assignment has been modified as you will no longer be meeting the university archivists at the Archives & Research Center. You will be meeting with the archivists via a Zoom meeting. The university archivists will provide a video tour of the facility as well as an overview of the collection. Below are links to a variety of documents you are free to use for this assignment. Per the assignment, you will create an "archive highlight" page using your selected document. These pages will become part of the University Archive webpage. The final one-page exhibit will be due two weeks after the Zoom meeting. You should feel free to contact the university archivists ( with any questions about your selected artifact or document. Please reach out to Dr. Duffy with any questions about the assignment. 

Potential Resources

Below are several items from the University Archives' collections. Please chose one that interests you.

Pennington Funeral Home

Retta Murphy Photo Album

Pvt. Percival Whipple Letters

Claude Elliott Collection

Claude Elliott was born in Cross Plains, Texas on September 21, 1896. After serving in the U.S. Navy during World War I, Elliott earned his BA in 1923 from Southwest Texas Teachers College (now Texas State University). He married Emma Edwin Moore in 1927 and went on to complete his MA and PhD from the University of Texas Austin in 1928 and 1934, respectively. He began his teaching career at Texas State in 1929 as a professor of history, the first of many positions he would hold at the school. In 1942 he became the registrar, he was the coordinator of veteran affairs, and the first dean of graduate studies. 

The Claude Elliott Collections are currently being processed. Below are some items from his collections that we thought might be useful for this class.

Greenberry Logan

Sale of a Slave

James Francis Miller Correspondence

Prose, Poetry, and Song of the Southern Confederacy

Daughters of the Confederacy

Fighting Stallions

Ron Brown WWI Postcards

Red Cross Items

What are Archives?

What are Archives?

Archives differ from libraries in that the items they collect are generally permanent, of some sort of value, and usually the copy of the item. Collections held in archives help document the past by providing evidence of events. Archival collections are used by researchers to help interpret the past in order to be better understand history. 

University Archives

The Texas State University Archives curates a publicly-accessible research collection to serve the university community, local community, and general public. Areas of collection include official university records. materials with a strong relationship to the university, items that document or support the work of the university, local and regional history, public history, and water resources. 

What are Primary Sources?

The Society of American Archivists defines primary sources as "materials in a variety of formats that serve as original evidence documenting a time period, an event, a work, people, or ideas." Primary sources are considered first-hand accounts created by people who were present during historic events or times. Examples of primary sources can include correspondence, photographs, newspapers, and diaries. While primary sources are often used to create secondary sources, secondary sources are created by people removed from historic events or periods.

FERPA Course Media Release Form

University Archives Contact Information

University Archives key logo

University Archives

Alkek Library, Room 580

Research by appointment

Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

The University Archives is located on the 5th floor of the Alkek Library.  Research appointments are generally available Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm (excluding holidays and energy conservation days).

Research appointments are encouraged to allow time for retrieval of offsite materials and to reserve research space.  Walk-in assistance is dependent on staff and space availability, as researchers with appointments are given priority.

For questions or assistance, please Ask an Archivist.

Research Questions Contact

Questions regarding research?

Margaret Vaverek

Research, Instruction & Outreach Librarian


Dr. Duffy Contact Info

Questions regarding the assignment? 

Dr. Shannon Duffy