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Legal Research: Case Digests

Basic guide to finding legal information

Case Digests

Digests are lists of cases appearing in case reporters. Digest sets typically are divided into volumes that list cases by their case name (style), subject matter, key words/phrases, or defendant/plaintiff names.

United States Supreme Court Digest

This set is divided into several thematic volumes, such as: Table of Cases (case name, style), Words and Phrases, Descriptive Word Index, Defendant - Plaintiff Table of Cases

Decennial DigestKF141

As part of the American Digest series the Decennial Digest reports all opinions from case reporters. Thus, federal, regional, and state level appellate courts are included in this set. Our library has decennial digests from 1926 (the 4th decennial digest) to the most current. The Decennial Digest is actually published every five years, instead of 10 years as its title implies.

West's General DigestKF 141 suppl

The General Digest is the 'stop gap' digest publication of federal and state appellate cases appearing in years between the Decennial Digest. Several general digest volumes are issued each year. All these cases will eventually be included in the Decennial Digest.

Federal DigestKF8754 .A5 F44

Modern Federal Practice DigestKF8754 .A5 F445

West's Federal Practice Digest 2dKF8754 .A5 F446

West's Federal Practice Digest 3dKF8754 .A5 F447

West's Federal Practice Digest 4thKF8754 .A5 F447 1989

This and the above mentioned Federal Digest editions cover the entire federal court system. They do not include State appellate courts.

Texas DigestKFT1257 .T48

Texas cases, (1935-1981)

Texas Digest 2d

(West's Texas Digest 2d) —


Digest to Texas cases, (1982-)

U.S. Supreme Court DecisionsRef KF101.6 G83


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