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Legal Research: Case Reporters

Basic guide to finding legal information

Case Reporters

Reporters publish the decisions of various state and federal courts and are update weekly by 'advance sheets.' Caution: NOT all cases tried are included in reporters. Typically, only appellate level cases are reported. Reporters are cited by their abbreviations, listed below:


As their titles imply, the following refer to United States Supreme Court decisions. Cases from 1790 to the present are represented below.


FEDERAL REPORTERS (F., F.2d, F.3d, F.Supp., F.Supp.2d)

Federal Reporter series include all published decisions of the U.S. Courts of Appeal (all 12 circuits) + patents/customs circuit court. The Federal Supplement series includes select U.S. District Court opinions, plus some additional federal courts.



Regional reporters include intermediate appellate level state court and state supreme court decisions. The entire U.S. is covered in a variety of reporter sets, however the Alkek Library subscribes only to the following:



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