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ECON 5316: Managerial Economics: Websites

This is a class guide for Dr. Feng's Economics 5316 Managerial Economics class.

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Suggested Web Sites

 Alkek Library's List of Economic Indicators - Ever-growing collection of economic indicator links.

Dallas Federal Reserve - Macroeconomic analysis as well as detailed Southwestern regional statistics and analysis 

Liber8 - Linkfest and research from the St. Louis Fed that covers all regions and many topics. Includes hard to find stats and interesting research. 

Blogs and News Aggregators:

Naked Capitalism - Good morning news stop for links to best economic analysis and news. 

Zero Hedge - Spirited, irreverent but usually informed analysis of economic events, particularly investment. 

Evaluating Web Pages


* Identify the author and the author's expertise on the topic.

* Verify the facts, statistics, or quotes on the web page in another source.

* Identify the agenda of the page: are they selling something or promoting a point-of-view that benefits them? 

* Check to see when the page was last updated. If you can't find a date, consider using a different source.


* Most people don't know what they are talking about.

* Many people will make up facts, misrepresent facts, or leave out facts in order to support their position.

* People will tell you anything if money or power is somehow involved.


* Learn to think for yourself and do not rely on gathering other people's opinions posted on the internet. 

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