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Scholarly Communications and Open Access Publishing: Additional Resources

Scholarly Communication Blogs

Additional Resources

  • The effect of open access and downloads ('hits') on citation impact: a bibliography of studies
  • Do Open Access Articles Have a Greater Research Impact?
    Antelman, Kristin (2004) College & Research Libraries 65(5):pp. 372-382. [PDF available here --](While many authors believe that their work has a greater research impact if it is freely available, studies to demonstrate that impact are few. This study looks at articles in four disciplines at varying stages of adoption of open access—philosophy, political science, electrical and electronic engineering and mathematics.
  • Open Access Webliography
    By Adrian K. Ho and Charles W. Bailey, Jr.
  • Building the Business Case for an Institutional Repository
    Over the last year, the university-wide research distribution strategy has become a hot topic amongst provosts and other senior administrators. Recent work by prominent thinkers and associations has galvanized the community into action. Amongst Digital Commons repositories, we’re even observing a growing trend toward provost-driven initiatives.
  • Open access: Advice on working with faculty senates
    “Getting started -- My overall advice: consider your endeavor a political one. Yours won’t involve street demonstrations or smoke-filled backrooms (probably), but it certainly will involve making friends and changing minds. Politics is not only about logic and reasoning, but also emotion and relationships. Be prepared for it.”