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Collection Development Guide: Communication Disorders: Call Numbers

Communication Disorders Call Number Areas


Call Number

Anatomy and Physiology of Speech

QM 251 - QM 265


RC 383-425.6

Aphasia in children

RJ 496.A6


RC 394.A75

Apraxia in children

RJ 496.A63

Articulation disorders

RC 424.7

Articulation disorders in children

RJ 496 .S7


RF 286-320

Brain injury

RC 387.5

Child Psychology Communication

BF 723 .C57

Cleft palate (Surgery)

RD 525

Communicative disorders, Language disorders, and Speech disorders

RC 423-429

Communicative disorders, Language disorders, and Speech disorders in children

RJ 496 .C67

RC 496 L35


RF 290-310

Deafness in children

RF 291.5 .C45

Deglutition disorders

RC 815 - 815.6

Deglutition disorders in children

RJ 463. I54

Developmental psychology


Diseases of the Larynx, Vocal Cords. Instrumentation

RF 510 - RF 539

Hearing, Psychology

BF 251 

Human Anatomy - Ear

QM 507

Language acquisition

P 118- 118.75

Language and Learning

LC 4028

Neurology. Diseases of the nervous system including speech disorders

RC 346-375 429

Neurophysiology - Hearing - Physiological Acoustics

QP 460 - QP 471




P 215 - 240

Physiology. Voice and speech. Larynx

QP 306

Psychology of Language and Speech

BF 455

Rehabilitation - Speech

RF 540

Speech disorders in children

RJ 496.S7


RC 424

Stuttering in children

RJ 496 .S8

The deaf (Social aspects)

HV 2349 - 2990.7

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