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ECON 3327: Public Finance: Altmetric Explorer

Features of Altmetric Explorer

All of the conversation in one place

Altmetric collects the relevant discussions around each article from Twitter, Facebook, science blogs, mainstream news outlets and many more sources - then makes it all available to you in one place.

Scores for quick analysis and comparison

Each article is given a score that measures the quantity & quality of attention it has received. The score donut visualization tells you what kind of attention at a glance. (Find out more about Altmetric's scoring system here)


See the demographics for the social network users mentioning each paper. Was an article unsually popular in Spain? Amongst doctors? Science communicators? The Explorer can tell you.

Powerful search & filtering

Browse all articles in the database, or filter by journal, publisher or time last mentioned.

Interested in specific papers? Enter DOIs, PubMed or arXiv IDs to track them.

Search for articles with your keywords in their title or author lists.

Good To Know

Powered by the Public Library of Science

You can see a demo of the PLoS Impact Explorer here.

Also includes an open API for non-commercial use.

Getting Started Guide

Create Your Account

Go to Altmetric Explorer to * Request a Free Trial *

Altmetric captures hundreds of thousands of tweets, blog posts, news stories and other pieces of content that mention scholarly articles.

The Explorer can browse, search and filter this data. Use it to deliver insights, track conversations and measure levels of attention over time or compared to your competitors.

Pricing includes single user, team or data & embeds

Free Altmetric Bookmarklet

Use the Altmetric Bookmarklet to instantly see metrics on a particular article.

Copy the bookmarklet icon to your Bookmark Toolbar.

When conducting research, if a D.O.I. is available, you can instantly see the metrics for that article, (including #of tweets, reviews, shares, etc.)


* At this time, you need to use Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers.


  • The bookmarklet only works on Pubmed, arXiv or pages containing a DOI
  • It only supports publishers who embed Google Scholar friendly citation metadata on their pages by default, though we're adding support for others. You can hurry along support for a particular journal by asking @altmetric for it on Twitter
  • Twitter mentions are only available for articles published since July 2011
  • If Altmetric started supporting a publisher after July 2011 then twitter mentions are only available from that date onwards

Intro to PLoS Impact Explorer