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POSI 4399: Political Communication in American Politics: Reference materials

Dr. Yun

What are reference materials?

Reference materials are helpful when you are looking for background information or authoritative facts on a subject. 

Additional reference sources

Key Reference Titles for General Information

Selected Reference works-

Concise Oxford dictionary of politics    This dictionary covers political thinkers, institutions, and concepts, the dictionary has an international perspective.  Socation: Second Floor, Reference Area, Call number  REF. JA61 .C665 2009

Congress and the Nation.  Congressional Quarterly, 1964-
Offers a survey of United States politics and government based on material from the CQ Almanac with the addition of information from other sources. Location: Second Floor, Reference Area, Call number: REF KF 49.C65.  

Congressional Quarterly Almanac.     Congressional Quarterly, 1955-Congressional Quarterly almanac tells the story of Congress for the year.  It is a condensation of acts, amendments, committee activity, debates, hearings, investigations, vital statistics on lawmakers, party policies and votes.  Location: Second Floor, Reference Area, Call number: REF JK 1.C66.   


Princeton encyclopedia of American political history . This reference work is intended to provide,  authoritative and up-to-date articles on political history of America.  Major issues, themes, institutions, processes, and developments as they have been manifest throughout the whole of United States history, from before the decision for independence to the present are discussed. Location: Second Floor, Reference Area, Call number: REF E183.P.85 2010


Encyclopedia of American Public Policy.  by Byron M. Jackson.  ABC-CLIO, 1999. 
A highly competent and authoritative resource that will answer a wide variety of questions regularly asked by students studying history, government, economics, and other topics in the social sciences. Location: Second Floor, Reference Area, Call number: REF JK468.P64J33. 

Here is a good database where you can search reference books by keywords to find background on your topic