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POSI 3314: State and Local Government: Is the journal peer reviewed/scholarly?

Dr. Fields

Check publication titles in Ulrich's

If you have a journal and you need to check if it is peer reviewed, use the Ulrich's Periodical Directory database.

Two screenshots of the Ulrichs Web database. The screenshot on the left shows a search for the Peabody Journal of Education. The screenshot on the right shows information about the journal with the line "Refereed: Yes" highlighted.

Enter the name of the journal in the search bar, then look for the little referee's jersey icon or the line that says "Refereed: Yes." "Refereed" is just another way of saying "peer reviewed," so if you see either or both of those things, your journal is peer reviewed.

If you don't see the icon or if the description of the journal says "Refereed: No," that journal is not peer reviewed.