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BFA Seminar Acting & Musical Theater Students Research Guide: Media (Streaming, DVD, and Audio)

This guide is for Laura Lane's and Kaitlin Hopkins' BFA students.

Non-streaming (DVD & CDs)

If you are looking for audio recordings or videos of plays, you can search the Library Catalog by the play title, by author, or by main actor. 

Most media content (videos, cassettes, DVDs, and CDs) at Alkek can be found on the 3rd floor.

There are vcrs, dvd players, and other formats available upstairs for playback.

Search by movie title, director, or an actor's name

The library has items from the Criterion Collection.  Click here for a listing of all Criterion Collection content in Alkek, or type in "criterion collection" as a keyword search. There are some Critierion Collection titles available in streaming video from Kanopy.

Selected Databases

There are plenty more! Visit the Streaming Databases for the complete list.