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ED 7316: Adult Development: Finding Articles

Adult Development

Search Tips

Maximize your keyword searches with Boolean searching. 

AND: "adult education" AND programs

OR: hispanic* OR "mexican american*

Use "quotation marksto search for phrases: "adult development" 

Consider truncation. The symbol used is usually *

ADULT* will retrieve:  adult, adulthood, adults, etc. 

Remember to check database Subject  terms for synonym words/phrases.

Searching for Full Text

If you come across a citation to an article and you'd like to track down its full text, follow the steps below:

Periodical List: Enter "Journal Title"


The example below shows that The Journal of Continuing Higher Education is accessible in print/microform as well as online. The entry also shows coverage dates to indicate which years are accessible. 

What is Peer Reviewed?

Libraries subscribe to various types of periodicals that include scholarly (some of which may be peer-reviewed, blind peer-reviewed, editorial review) popular, or trade publications. Many databases offer the option to limit to "Peer Reviewed".  If you're not sure if a journal is considered peer-reviewed, check Ulrich's by looking up the title of the journal.

What is a peer-reviewed journal? 

A scholarly/academic journal is peer-reviewed when manuscripts are sent to experts, sometimes anonymously (blind peer-reviewed), in the related field. They make recommendations to editor for publication, rejection or revision. These journals are generally thought to be of the highest quality.