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The Dataverse Research Data Repository at Texas State University: Getting Started

Guide to using Dataverse to manage and share data

Texas State University Dataverse: Welcome

What is the Dataverse Repository?

The Texas State University Dataverse Research Data Repository is an open access data repository for researchers affiliated with Texas State University. The repository consists of datasets produced by the University community, available for public access and re-use. Each dataset includes citation information and a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), facilitating attribution, usage tracking and linking of data to research publications. The Repository can play an important role in fulfilling Data Management Plan requirements by funding agencies, such as NSF and NIH, and provide for data re-use and archiving.This archive is supported by the Texas State University Library and hosted by the Texas Digital Library.

General policies for Dataverse Repositories are available here. For further information on using the Repository, please consult the User Guide or contact us at

Reasons to Use the Repository to share your data

  • It’s easy to deposit your data!

  • Citation information and a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for your data

  • Sharing data increases impact and visibility of data

  • Can fulfill grantor  Data Management Plan requirements

  • Journals may require data access

  • Easy links to related publications

  • Provides usage counts for  access to your data

  • Set access and usage permissions

  • Fits into “responsible conduct of research”
  • Reduce risk of data loss for you and the University
  • Verification of data affiliated with articles

Launch Video

Dataverse Support

Image from Wiley blog: How and why researchers share data (and why they don’t) Liz Ferguson Publishing Solutions Director, Wiley