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The Dataverse Research Data Repository at Texas State University: Policies

Guide to using Dataverse to manage and share data

General Policies

  • The Research Data repository is for the deposit of Texas State University researchers' data.
    • This may include tabular files, geospatial files, textual files, digital images, digital audio, and digital video.
    • Other data types are also welcome.
    • Open nonproprietary formats are encouraged for long term archiving. A list of open formats is available on the linked Data Management Research Guide.
    • Accompanying publications, reports, presentations, and other scholarly materials can be submitted to the University Scholarship repository and linked to your dataset. Use the Quick Submit Form or contact us to upload your scholarly materials for you:
  • Eligible depositors include Texas State University faculty members, researchers, enrolled students, and university employees. An active NetID is required.
  • Depositors may only submit original work to which they hold the copyright or have permission to deposit and which to the best of their knowledge will not infringe upon anyone’s intellectual property rights.
  • Deposits should comply with Texas State University's Intellectual Property Policy.
  • Deposits should comply with the Texas Data Repository Policies.
  • Deposits must not include personally identifiable information or confidential information, as defined in the Texas Data Repository Terms of Use.
  • The default data usage license agreement is the Creative Commons Zero (“CC0”) Public Domain Dedication. .

The data repository has a limit of 4GB per file uploaded in a dataset. If you would like to upload a file larger than 4GB, please contact Laura Waugh: