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ENG 1320: College Writing II: Articles & Databases

Where to Search

Use Research Databases to find articles on your topic.

  • Databases are electronic indexes that provide searchable "lists" of articles that have been published in journals, popular magazines, newspapers, or other items on almost any subject you can think of!

  • Many of the databases contain full text, meaning that the entire article is available in the database, either in PDF or HTML format. Some databases do not contain full text articles. To find the full text of an article, use the Full Text Finder button or check the Periodical List.

  • The library has access to more than 600 databases, and choosing one is the first step for successful searching. You can choose a research database by Subject, by Name, or by Type. Try a database specific to your subject area for more advanced research by using the databases listed under By Subject.

Which databases should I use?

Find the full list of databases on the Research Databases page. Here are a few suggested databases for typical ENG 1320 assignments:

Multi-Subject: Try these databases as a starting point for your research or if your topic doesn't fit into any one subject.

Pro/Con Issues & Hot Topics: If you're writing about current events or arguing for a particular opinion or viewpoint, search in these databases.

Literature and Languages: Use these databases if you need to do research on literature, film, communications, or a related topic.

Periodical List

Not every database contains the full text of every article. However, you may be able to find the full text in another of the library's databases. To find out where you can find a particular periodical online or in print, use the Periodical List.

(click on the image to see a larger version)

Where can I find the print journal I need?

If you know the journal or other publication you need to find, check the Periodical List to find out how you can access it. You can search by the publication's title or browse by discipline.

When you find the publication you need, you'll see which databases, if any, contain that publication and which publishing dates are covered.

(click on the image to see a larger version)

What is Full Text Finder?

Look for a link like this one in the results list:

Full Text Finder is a process that will search all of the library's databases to see if the full text is available.

If the full-text article is available in a different database, the Full Text Finder results page will give you a direct link to it.

If the full-text article is NOT available in any database, you have a couple of options:

  1. First, check the Periodical List—the library may have a print copy of that journal instead of an electronic version. Learn more about requesting access to print journals in this FAQ.
  2. If the library does not own a print copy, request a copy of the article through InterLibrary Loan. Hint: if you use the link to ILLiad on the Full Text Finder results page, it will automatically fill in your request form.