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CI 5326: Curriculum and Management in the Elementary and Middle School - Matthys: Adding Full-Text


RefWorks gets a shot in the arm with its new ability to include the full-text of articles within the citation manager. Once the articles are included they can be accessed anywhere RefWorks can be accessed and are capable of being receptive to highlights and annotations.

Step #1

Upon highlighting an article, you'll notice the right-hand column on the screen features information about the article, including a "Find Full-Text" link.


Step #3

Click on the pencil icon in the upper right hand corner.

This will expand the column, displaying more option and information.

Step #5

Step #2

Follow the links until you've arrive at the article and have the opportunity to download the article to your computer. The document does have to downloaded to your device first before uploading it to RefWorks.

Step #4

To upload the document, first click on the "Add an attachment ..." link.

Once you see you're newly uploaded document listed in blue, click the "save" button in the upper right hand corner.

Highlighting and Annotating

RefWorks allows users to highlight and annotate full-text articles that have been upload to the service.