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POSI 3301: Political Institutions: Websites

Evaluating Your Sources

Selecting materials to use in your paper requires careful evaluation of each item you have collected. Critical thinkers analyze the data they've retrieved. Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you selected materials published by well respected, mainstream publishers or journals?
  • Have you selected unreliable sources such as a blog or websites like Wikipedia?

Wikipedia may be OK to use for gathering background information but should not be used as a source for your assignment. Anyone can put information on the web but databases contain articles from scholarly journals and other respected publications. The library buys subscriptions to databases and periodicals so you can have trusted information to use for your research rather than unreliable, questionable information you may find on the World Wide Web.

For more information about Evaluation of Web Resources see our Web searching and evaluating websites handout.

Additional government websites

These are additional free websites that may help you with political research.