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TLA Edition - The Game is in There: Creating Gamified Library Instruction: Resources

LibGuide to accompany workshop presentation of The Game is in There: Creating Gamified Library Instruction by Tricia Boucher & Megan Ballengee at the Texas Library Association Conference on April 18, 2019.

Resource List

These lists are just a start, but a big thanks to Maura Smale - her game was a big inspiration for ours - and to Gary Maixner from Ferris State University (who I met at LOEX 2018 at his and Mari Kermit-Canfield's presentation and at the Gaming Roundtable at lunch, and who gave me the names of some good articles/books on game design).


On Gamification

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Smale, M. (2015). Play a Game, Make a Game: Getting Creative with Professional Development for Library Instruction. The Journal of Creative Library Practice. [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 May 2018].

Game Design/Theory

On Games and Learning

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Design Thinking

On Design Thinking

Thanks to the people who taught us to throw ideas out there and see if they work.