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ARTC 4305: Typography III: Current Periodicals

This course guide was created for Prof. Lee's ARTC 4305 Typography III students.

Periodical List

Periodical List

You can search for a specific journal/magazine/newspaper using Periodical List or browse by subject area.

For more information see the Periodicals guide handout.

Current Communication/Graphic Design Magazines/Journals

Here's how to find currently received Communication Design, Communication Art, Graphic Design, or Graphic Art magazines and journals in the library.

If you want to browse the paper or print journals, here is list of some Communication Design related journals and magazines in the library. The current issues, past 1-2 years, are shelved alphabetically by title on the 3rd floor. Some of these titles are available online. There will be a link in the catalog record to the online version.

The older issues back to 1960 are shelved by call number on the 3rd floor. Issues older than 1960 are shelved on the floor the call number is normally on.

Some of these are available in online format as well:

Current Art & Photography Periodicals

Click on the links to see the location of the periodical, 3rd floor or Wittliff.  Some of them are no longer currently recieved but are online or have back issues. The 3rd floor titles are shelved alphabetically by title on the metal shelves to the left of Reserve/ Periodicals/Media desk or some are in the Wittliff Collections. Ask the staff in the Wittliff Collections to get the magazine or journal that you want to look at and they will get it for you.

You can use the call numbers on the linked catalog record if you want to look at an issue of one of these titles that is older that the past 1 or 2 years. You can find those in the stacks at the call number listed, on the 3rd floor, back to 1960. If the year of the issue you want is older than 1960, it will be where the call number listed is usually found in the library on the 5th, 6th, or 7th floors.

For a detailed table with titles, links to catalog records, location, and description of each title you can download the PDF version of this list with links and locations

Subject Guide

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