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Linking to Articles & Other Resources: Reading List Builder

Learn how to link to articles and other resources in the library's databases to put in TRACS, bibliographies, or syllabi, share via email, or save in your browser.

Introducing Reading List Builder

Reading List Builder (RLB) provides an easy way to create and manage course reading lists right from the Learning Management System TRACS.  Here’s how it works:

  • Search the library’s content from within the TRACS
  • Simply click “Add to Reading List” and your selections are saved
  • Annotate reading list items and copy other reading lists created at Texas State. (*Please note that the full text to which Texas State subscribes is sometimes subject to unique conditions for use as course materials, and the guidelines for each must be followed, as appropriate.)

    Please let us know if you like it by filling out the Faculty Feedback for Reading List Builder.


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Reading List Builder as TRACS External Tool

Reading List Builder via TRACS Lessons