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Nathaniel Dede-Bamfo

Nathaniel Dede-Bamfo's picture
Nathaniel Dede-Bamfo
Albert B. Alkek Library
601 University Drive
San Marcos, TX, 78666
(512) 245-3216
Nathaniel Dede-Bamfo is the GIS Services Specialist at the Albert B. Alkek Library, Texas State University. He is a passionate academic with over seven years’ experience in teaching and conducting research particularly in the field of Geospatial Science. His research interests include Geospatial Modeling, Sustainable Rural Development, and Regional Planning. Nathaniel enjoys meeting people and sharing ideas.

My Guides

Last update: Sep 9, 2020 41 views
GEO 3305: Climatology
Last update: Sep 9, 2020 53 views
Last update: Sep 28, 2020 173 views
Last update: Oct 25, 2020 65 views
Last update: Oct 25, 2020 69 views
Last update: Sep 9, 2020 109 views
Last update: Sep 9, 2020 120 views
Last update: Oct 29, 2020 5814 views

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