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Developing a Researcher Profile & Managing Your Research Environment: Overview

Various online tools such as Google Scholar, Web of Science and ORCID allow users to register for a unique number so that all of the publications of a given author can be linked together. This has several advantages- Claim all of your publications,


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Having and maintaining an online presence has numerous benefits for researchers. These include: 

1. Impact - Researchers are able to calculate and tract a variety of citation based metrics, including h-index, i10 index etc. View the Measuring Research Impact LibGuide for further guidance in this area.

2. Identity - Make your individual achievements more visible and minimize the risk of your publications being wrongly attributed to someone else, especially if you have a common name. 

3. Compliance - Meet journal submission requirements by including identifiers, such as ORCID.

4. Networking - Build your professional network through connecting with researchers around the globe who share similar interests and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Benefits of Author IDs for Researchers

 Ensure identification and correct attribution of your work.

  • Distinguish yourself from other researchers with similar names.
  • Link all name variants and formerly used names (e.g., Garcia, A., Garcia, Anna, Garcia, A. J., Garcia-Smith, A.). Keep in mind that many publishers index initials and not a full name.
  • List your affiliations.

Use for career advancement and tenure.

  • Obtain up-to-date citation metrics to demonstrate your research and scholarly impact. Once you set up your profiles, your citation metrics are automatically updated.
  • Keep track of your h-indexes.
  • Manage your entire scholarly output and grant activity. Use new researcher identifiers not only with journal articles, but with books, chapters, conference papers, grants, patents, datasets, manuscript submissions, and more. 
  • Link ORCID, ResearcherID, and Scopus Author IDs for easy updates.
  • Take control of how your scholarly output is presented online not only within TXST, but globally. Make yourself findable. 
  • Improve administrative efficiency by keeping track of your entire scholarly output and re-using your biographical profile data.

Control privacy settings of your researcher profiles.

Find collaborators outside your institution and across disciplines.

Receive customized notifications about funding opportunities based on your publications and areas of interest. 

► Take your author profile to another institution.

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