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Texas Administrative Code & Texas Register: Home


The Texas Administrative Code is a subject-based compilation of all the regulations promulgated by state agencies in Texas. It is the state equivalent of the Code of Federal Regulations. Every time a Texas agency (such as the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the Texas Railroad Commission, or the Texas Department of Transportation, among others) issues a regulation, it is first published in the Texas Register. This is the state equivalent to the Federal Register, though the Texas Register is only published weekly. Once the regulation comes into force, it is then codified into the relevant title of the Texas Administrative Code.

You can find a complete list of Texas agencies at the TRAIL website:


The TAC contains sixteen subject-based titles. Each regulation is categorized into a title for codification. Note that there are a lot of numbers that do not correspond to a title.

Title 1: Administration

Title 4: Agriculture

Title 7: Banking and Securities

Title 10: Community Development

Title 13: Cultural Resources

Title 16: Economic Regulation

Title 19: Education

Title 22: Examining Boards

Title 25: Health Services

Title 28: Insurance

Title 30: Environmental Quality

Title 31: Natural Resources and Conservation

Title 34: Public Finance

Title 37: Public Safety and Corrections

Title 40: Social Services and Assistance

Title 43: Transportation

Within each title are “parts.” For example, the parts in Title 1: Administration are as follows:

Part 1: Office of the Governor

Part 2: Texas Ethics Commission

Part 3: Office of the Attorney General

Part 4: Office of the Secretary Of State

Part 5: Texas Facilities Commission

Part 7: State Office of Administrative Hearings

Part 8: Texas Judicial Council

Part 10: Department of Information Resources

Part 12: Commission on State Emergency Communications

Part 15: Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Within each part are chapters, within each chapter are subchapters, and within each subchapter are sections. Section citations use the format “§3.25,” where “3” refers to the Chapter and “25” refers to the section. A full TAC citation may look like this: 1 Tex. Admin. Code § 3.25 (2009). The first number is the title, the number after the section symbol is the chapter and section number, and the year establishes which edition of the TAC you are referring to. Parts and subchapters are not used to cite to a TAC section.