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Collection Development Guide: Radiation Therapy by Karen Sigler: Collection Development Information

Ordering Material

Collection Development Information

Fiscal Year: 2015
Librarian Liaison: Selene Hinojosa
Faculty Representative: Reynaldo G. Lozano, MSRS, Program Chair

FY15 Allocation: $0
FY15 Serials Estimate: $0

Amount Available for new orders in FY15: $0

Target Dates: One quarter of department allocation must be spent by each of the following dates:

  1. 10/31/2015 — $0
  2. 02/15/2016 — $0
  3. 04/15/2016 — $0
  4. 06/30/2016 — $0
  • Check the Library Catalog before submitting an order
  • Form for submitting an order request to your Faculty Representative for approval
  • Form to submit feedback or suggestions about collection
  • Review what has been ordered in the current fiscal year (FY15) for your department/79.

Subject Librarian

Selene Hinojosa