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Altmetrics & Academic Social Media: CiteULike

Create Your Library of Bookmarks and Ratings

Sign up for CiteULike by creating a new login.

Keep track of articles you are interested in, rate, review, add tags and annotations, and search other people's libraries. You can sign in with your Facebook account.

Good to Know

CiteUlike is a academic social bookmarking tool for citations and academic papers

CiteUlike is associated with Springer.

CiteUlike is free, with extra features available for a fee

CiteUlike Wiki Link

Posting, not Importing

In CiteUlilke, you "post" articles, not import them.  There are several methods for this.

Browser Bookmarklet

You can use the drag and drop bookmarklet on this page to post articles.

Import Manually or from a URL

Just use the menu buttons to import manually or use a URL.


Import from a Citation Management Tool (Refworks, etc)

You'll need to export your citations in a format that CiteUlike recognizes.

CiteULike Features

CiteULike is a web-based academic paper bookmarking/organizational tool. This short guide contains the main features of CiteULike.

Social Features

  • Login with Facebook and associate your account
  • Connect with other users and see articles they've tagged
  • Create, search for, and join private and public user groups.
  • Search other user libraries
  • Sync with Delicious
  • Create feeds of your searches

Citation Organization & Rating Features

  • See how many other people have added an article
  • Blog/comment on an article
  • Write and read reviews on an article
  • Rate articles by how much you want to read them & sort unread articles by rating
  • Annotate PDFs (must pay for GOLD membership to unlock this feature)

Citation Management Features

  • Not as powerful as Refworks, Mendeley, or Zotero
  • Export citations in RIS, BibTeX, PDF, RIF, and Delicious
  • Simple drag and drop display of citations in a limited number of formats