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Altmetrics & Academic Social Media: Mendeley

Create your "Library" of Citations & .PDFs

Sign up for Mendeley by creating a new login or using your existing Facebook account.

Import your citations and .pdfs into your library. You can also import from Refworks, too.

Good to Know

Mendeley was acquired by Elsevier in April 2013

Mendeley is free, with extra storage and features available for a fee

Mendeley works with PaperCritic

From the Mendeley Blog

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Getting Started With Mendeley Guide

Features of Mendeley Web, Desktop, & Mobile

Each version of Mendeley has different "talents." This short guide contains the best features of each.

Mendeley Web

  • Access your profile and library online.
  • Search other Mendeley users' libraries and discover new articles
  • Friend colleagues and other Mendeley users
  • Create, search, and join private and public user groups.
  • Install the Import to Mendeley button on your browser to quickly add items to your library (see below)
  • One click importing on selected sites and database (see list to right)


Mendeley Desktop

  • Sync with your online library
  • Annotate .pdfs
  • Organize and find your .pdfs
  • Make a "Watch" folder to set up automatic imports into Mendeley
  • Import from Refworks or Zotero
  • Use Mendeley to create citations and bibliographies in MS Word and OpenOffice

Mendeley Mobile

  • Access your profile and library on your phone or device

Unofficial Android Apps link For iPhones and iPads

Import from these sites....

Mendeley Minutes (Video Tutorials)